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July 03, 2019

p - 6 primary school. catholic parish school developed by josephite sisters. administered and supported by Brisbane Catholic Education. 

July 03, 2012

p - 12 primary and high school. multi-ecumenical school owned, developed and managed by Brisbane Catholic Education. 

July 03, 2013

Our design strategy for this project was restrained and controlled due to the functional nature of the brief and to ensure that all poetic decisions remained pragmatic.

This building references the quintessential Australian farm-shed – reflected in its roof shape, echoed in its building form and textured by its honest raw materials.

It sits squarely in the landscape and masters it.

Its outside appearance is obvious and pristine while it is cool and voluminous inside; resplendent with its own dark damp corner even and splintered slithers of light.

July 03, 2015

concept: a kinetic facing to the lead elevations utilizing fin-banner-blades to be read progessively in response to open place and approach

context: year 9 home classrooms 

cost: $80,000.00 + $420,000.00 = $500,000.00

construction: integrated composite aluminium panels on alumnium and galv steel framing 

contractor:atomic signs/masonry concepts/rosscrete


July 03, 2013

a primary school on an urban campus closely linked to an active parish community. our master plan activates the interstitial spaces through the design and development of a covered area walkway module without compromising the campus open space.

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